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by admin on January 8, 2010

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I recently visited Lifeway Christian Store, something I’d not done since before the name was changed from Better Books Christian Center. In the past several years the store has undergone a makeover. The inside is quite large and very well stocked.

Lifeway is something like a Christian Barnes and Noble. They carry any literature, music or movies currently in demand in church circles. The store also offers all kinds of support materials for pastors and youth ministers. They carry a full selection of vestments and choir gowns as well as supplies for administering the Eucharist.

The children’s section in particular, is excellent. There is a corner equipped with a television showing the latest cartoons where kids can sit while their parents shop. The book selection is current but not real deep; meaning that I expected to find more classic Christian literature than I actually did. The store carries a huge variety of Bibles; however much of the theology and commentary has a fairly narrow target audience. Baptists, or something closely akin will probably find what he or she is looking for, but the more orthodox among us may find it necessary to special order what we need, something the staff will gladly do. All this being said, Lifeway is a beautiful Tyler Texas book store, and the staff is helpful and very friendly.

So whether you’re looking for a particular item or are just seeking a cool place to spend a summer afternoon, Lifeway is a great place to take the family. For more information, see their website: . Located in the Old English Village on South Broadway, in Tyler.

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