Adventures in Learning in Tyler

by admin on September 15, 2009

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I spent much of this past summer writing about both educational opportunities and booksellers in Tyler. Well summer is almost over and school has started but I have still not exhausted either of these topics. Adventures in Learning, is both an educational opportunity and a bookstore.

The fact is, Tyler is a town that believes strongly in providing the best possible academic choices to its young people, whether it be public, private or home school and home school co-op institutions. Adventures in Learning is there to help teachers and parents supplement their existing curriculum’s and enhance the learning experience for students of nearly all ages. The store offers all sorts of work books from grammar, reading, spelling, history and geography, to math and science. Home school parents in particular will benefit from the material. So will parents with students whose children need additional practice at home. But don’t search for a core curriculum here. It’s probably best to look to an established company for that kind of material.

If you’re a teacher looking for charts, maps, globes, timelines or other school supplies, A.I.L. has a huge selection. Educators will probably find things they were unaware even existed. They have all sorts of educational games and teaching aids designed to make the students enjoy learning.

My one criticism is the store carries a lot of toys, and things I would not particularly want finding their way into the classroom. Call me old fashioned, but I consider these things more of a distraction to students. The store has so many different teaching aids, that perhaps the enthusiastic teacher can risk over stimulating the class if he or she is not careful. But of course the good teacher knows to be careful in this respect.

This being said, if you’re looking for material to supplement your students learning material, Adventures in Learning is a great resource with a lot to offer. On a scale of one to five I would give the store a four. Pay a visit and judge for yourself. They are located on South Broadway in the French Quarter next to China King.

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