FS1, what’s the verdict?

by admin on September 30, 2013

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Now that Fox Sports 1 has been out for over a month, what are your thoughts of the new network?

I love the idea of another 24-hour sports network to give ESPN some serious competition but I’m not crazy about what I’ve seen so far. FS1’s way of competing with Sports Center is a show called Fox Sports Live where they show stats, highlights and in depth interviews but in my opinion, the anchors try too hard to be entertaining and funny instead of simply letting the sports themselves do the entertaining.

I’ve recorded Regis Philbin’s show, Crowd Goes Wild a few times but I’m still not sure what to think about it. Regis is entertaining but I’m not crazy about his panel which includes a female British sports broadcaster, a comedian, a former NFL player and a young attractive woman who they try to make funny but in reality, she’s there for eye candy.

A lot of people like watch MMA but I’m not one of them, hence, I’m not crazy about FS1 airing that but if it brings in the ratings, you can’t argue with the results so more power to them.

Chances are, the network i still ironing out its kinks and once every those kinks do get ironed out, the World Wide Leader may have that serious competition.

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