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by admin on August 31, 2009

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When buying a fixer upper home in Tyler Texas you may end up buying a house with an old roof that needs a bit of an upgrade and most usually a complete replacement. Most people hope that after buying a home like this that a hail storm comes along soon after the purchase and voids the roof warranty which in turn allows your insurance company to pay for a new roof. You end up with a new roof after paying the deductible which is usually only $500 or so dollars. In my case I bought a fixer upper Tyler Texas home but a hail storm never came along and my roof began to leak. I quickly realized that I need a new roof. Some of my decision processes in comparing roofing companies and prices had to do with several important points. We believe you should consider these points as well when deciding which Tyler roofing company you will choose for your new roof.

  • Is the Tyler Roof Company Bonded?
  • Are They Insured?
  • Are They a Licensed Roofing Installer?
  • Are They a Member of the Tyler Area Builders Association?
  • Does The Roofing Company Offer Referral Information on Other Roofing Jobs They Have Completed?
  • Do They Offer Pricing On Both 20 and 30 Year Shingles?
  • Does The Roofing Company Use 30 pound Felt?
  • How Many Nails Do They Use Per Shingle?
  • Do They Offer Energy Efficient Shingles For Those Wanting To Lower Their Electricity Bill Costs?
  • What Is Their Roofing Projects Estimated Cost?

These are some of the questions to ask and consider when comparing Tyler Texas roofing companies. You can call around 5 – 10 Tyler roofing companies to get answers to these questions and more. We recommend taking down notes and be sure to get them to come out and give you a total project cost. One of the more important points that many people overlook is if the East Texas roofing company is bonded and insured. You also need to make sure they offer a warranty on their own construction work and not just the material warranty.

A good roofing company will come on site and help you determine what roofing shingle color will look best on your house. They can also consult you on what energy efficient shingles they have and what the estimated energy savings could be over the course of a year. By picking a lighter shaded shingle you will reflect sunlight off of the roof more and save on energy over a darker colored shingle. When comparing shingle prices as well as construction costs we compared prices from about 10 different Tyler roofing companies. We ultimately ended up going with Advantage Roofing Company and have found their prices to be the cheapest while still offering a quality product, 30 pound felt, and craftsmanship on the actual construction job.

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