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For those of you like me you may have been brought up using Ebay to buy your good deals and merchandise on the internet I think you will find Craigslist to be less of a headache. I absolutely loved ebay for years and years until things started to happen that became a real nuisance. After I had enough with Ebay because of several different issues I tried out Amazon and Craigslist. I found that Amazon allows you to buy everything immediately without having to take it to auction. Since many of Ebay’s auctions seem fake because of fraud I moved over to Amazon and started buying several things from the cheapest verified seller offering what I wanted on Amazon. This setup on Amazon worked very well and I could pick between used or new. I immediately decided that in almost every case Amazon was a better choice over Ebay. There are exceptions to the rule and a great example is when I needed to buy an antique triple block pulley. I could only purchase a used item like this at an affordable price on Ebay. Amazon did not offer used or new triple block pulleys. Antiques like the triple block pulley example are why Ebay is still needed. Ebay really needs to create a separate place to go for those who want to completely avoid the whole fake auction experience. It just has become too much to want to deal with.

Craigslist fills the gap between Amazon and Ebay by being a place for those wanting to find good deals on larger items that cannot be easily shipped for an affordable price. For instance, I bought a large wooden filing cabinet that originally retailed for $500 for $100. It was a great buy and all I had to do was drive 5 miles, load it up in my truck and deliver it to my house. It was worth it as I would have to deliver a new item like this anyway if I were to buy something like it at Office Depot. Tyler Texas Craigslist has also allowed me the ability to buy a bicycle, a car, bike rack, and several other items at discounted prices I could not find on Amazon or Ebay. Rather than fight it out over a week in an auction only to see the auction go to retail price for some used junk I can go on Craigslist and buy the same thing at a negotiated price that does not have to go to auction.

Tyler TX Craigslist has had its opposition mainly due to its adult section and I agree that Craigslist should really shutdown that sleaze but the rest of the site is really amazing. You can find jobs, very cheap merchandise, free classifieds for selling your own junk, and some interesting money making opportunities. I will warn that most of the “too good to be true” opps on Tyler TX Craigslist really are too good to be true and you should consider getting a real job or at the very least attempt to go about doing an opportunity without handing your money over to a swindler.

Craigslist Tyler TX is a place where you will find what is known as “I don’t want it anymore” syndrome. I have actually participated in this syndrome when my 1999 Saturn was sitting in my front yard for over a year not running. I took the car to the shop and although they were able to get it back to running with little repair they showed me that it had many issues. The cost to get the car back up to a reliable standard would be more than the car is worth. I decided I didn’t want the car anymore. I found a city employee here in Tyler Texas that would buy the car knowing about all issues wrong with it for $300. Now the car probably had a few years left in it and I think it was worth more but I really wanted the car gone. I could just see the car back in my yard sitting there filling in that white trailer trash stereotype that I seem to immolate every so often. I thought I would do me, my neighbors, and my family a favor and get rid of the car ASAP. Craigslist is full of cars, and merchandise like this where the person just really doesn’t want it and you can usually haggle the price down further once you show up with cash in hand.

It is important when considering using Craigslist that you are not being tricked into coming to some perverts house, or a robber of some kind. If you are a woman I recommend bringing a guy along with you when you pick up your item. As a woman or man if you are paranoid about the other seller you could agree to meet at a local Coffee Shop or something and exchange money and goods there. You really want to be careful especially if you are being offered an iphone for $50 or something as chances are the guy is setting a trap for you to come to a location where he can then steal your cash. As long you follow some common sense when using Tyler TX Craigslist you can get some really good deals. Between Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist I think you will come up with a really good guage on where prices are at for what you want to purchase. There is no place like Tyler TX Craigslist as it is the impulsive buyers paradise for used I dont want it anymore local Tyler Texas merchandise.

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Mark February 5, 2012 at 11:18 am

For sale 1973 corvette stingray ,project car 350 / 400 automatic $3,500 also a Black 1986 corvette ,runs good $5750, or $ 9,000 for both


tylerdirectory February 9, 2012 at 1:48 pm


We are not actually Craigslist but we did write an article about Craigslist. We would be happy to list your car here though. You can also list it at Craigslist by going here <a href="http://www.craigslist.com” target=”_blank”>www.craigslist.com



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