The Many Faces of Whataburger in Tyler

by admin on September 24, 2009

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When you come to Texas, you’ll see the white and orange A-frame roofs all over the place. There are almost as many them in Texas as there are Texans, which is good news for everyone who lives there! Call it Texas’ own In ‘n Out Burger. Call it a slightly higher class, more expensive fast food option. Just don’t call it “Water Burger.”

Whataburger was founded in the 1950’s in Corpus Christi by a man who wanted to impress his customers so much by the size and quality of his food that they would exclaim “What a burger!” The restaurant took off and made a name for itself by making fresh, quality burgers to the exact specifications of each customer. Their plethora of condiments was never stale and always at your disposal. In other words, they were giving burgers “your way” long before burger king ever did.

Today, Whataburger restaurants can be found all throughout the South, and they are still committed to that principle. When you order, they’ll suggest “all the way, mustard,” but you can can tell them exactly what you want. Scratch the pickles and add jalepenos. Lots of ‘em. This is Texas, after all!

I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend the #1 with cheese and bacon. If you’re really hungry, go ahead and make it a double meat. You won’t be disappointed. They don’t have much use for heat-lamps because they still make it fresh when you order. And the fries are terrific, just like everything else on the menu.

In Tyler, Whataburger is a more interesting option than most other fast food restaurants because of the individual themes of the various locations. Do you love music? Are you a fan of Elivs Presley? Try the 50‘s Whataburger on the East Loop next to El Charro. The walls are filled with memorabilia and vinyls from from the golden age of Rock ‘N Roll, and posters of the movie starts like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. The 50’s Whataburger is guaranteed to bring back memories for the elders, and create new ones for the young.

Need something to get your motor running? NasCasr fans rejoice! There’s a Whataburger for that! Stop into the Hot Rod Whataburger on South Broadway in front of the WalMart Supercenter for a breakfast burrito a cup of coffee, and some high-octane decor. Come really early if you want, because this Whataburger, like the others, is open 24 hours.
Or maybe you’re just feeling especially patriotic about Texas. (This is a peculiar phenomenon, found in almost no other state.) There’s a Whataburger for that, too, on the south loop across from Broadway Square Mall. The Texas theme Whataburger features long horns and oil references galore–a visual history of the state of Texas. Put on a Rangers hat while sitting in there with a #2 double meet, and even Nolan Ryan would be impressed with your Texan authenticity.

And hey, speaking of Nolan Ryan, the All-Star Whataburger is on the West loop between Hightways 64 and 31. This one is my personal favorite, not just because I used to go study there in the middle of the night, but because it is littered with sports memorabilia and TV’s tuned to ESPN. My favorite display, more than the motorcycle or the Cowboys pictures from their 1990’s Super Bowl teams, has to be the framed picture of the aged Nolan Ryan, pummeling the head-locked Robin Ventura after the much younger man charged the mound. It was not only one of the funniest, most unforgettable moments in recent baseball history, it was also vintage Texas. Just like Whataburger.

If you show up to the All-Star location for a game, see if you can coax the manager into cranking up the volume. They didn’t used to do it for us, but they just might, now, if you promise to buy a shake with your meal.

There are more locations too! Check out the original Tyler franchise on South Beckham, or the new one on 155, just off the loop. I think you’ll agree that Whataburger is one the best fast food franchises in the country.

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