Lindale Renewable Energy in Texas

by admin on February 10, 2010

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East Texas will soon have a very exciting aspect to our energy sector here. The Lindale Renewable Energy in Texas wood biomass energy generation plant will be a green energy version of power generation. Most of our electricity is generated from coal and natural gas power plants. These old school power plants create steam via natural gas and coal burning which power large turbines that create our electricity. With a biomass energy generation plant in our backyard we can effectively clean up the Texas environment by buying green electricity from Tyler and Lindale electricity providers who buy their Renewable energy credits from this East Texas project. Right now most of our green energy we buy when using a green electricity provider comes from REC’s in other states.

This project is owned and operated by Decker Energy which is a privately held company located in Winter Park Florida. We are happy and encouraged to see a project of this scale opening up in the Tyler Lindale area.

Map of the Lindale Biomass power plant in relation to other projects

Lindale Biomass Power Plant

East Texans can now truly say that their electricity comes from green energy created in East Texas. A biomass power plant will help clean up the state of Texas air quality overall and offer more Texas options for green electricity choice. Many people think that when they sign up on a green or renewable electricity plan they are helping the Texas air quality. This has not been the case for many years as most electricity providers simply buy REC credits from renewable energy projects operating in other states. This power generation plant will create new jobs in East Texas, clean up the state of Texas and bring in some new technology most people have not seen before.

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