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by admin on September 30, 2009

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Electricity Bid is an online comparison site for electricity rates in Tyler Texas. There are other sites out their that also compare electricity prices and plans but Electricity Bid concentrates on comparing rates in a clear apples to apples comparison. All fees and charges are disclosed in their comparison chart so the electric service customer in Tyler knows exactly what they will be paying when they sign up for electric service.

You may call Electricity Bid at 1-800-971-4020

Some other sites like Electricity Bid that compare multiple electricity companies are Powertochoose, Watttochoose, Chooseenergy, Saveonenergy and electricityTexas. Power to Choose is the state of Texas run website that has attempted to inform the public of their choices when it comes to picking a Texas electricity company. Some Texas electricity providers have attempted to abuse the state run website by advertising variable rates with a low quoted price. When the customer signed up the price would sometimes be much higher than what was shown on the site.

One particular electricity company in Texas that did this explained it like this, the variable electric was that price at the time the customer signed up but the utility did not switch them on that date. During the time of signing up and the utility switching them the electricity rate had gone up. Most consumers including myself would assume that the first months rate would be locked in based on what was quoted on the site. Many energy consumers were surprised to find out later that this electric company was not locking in the advertised variable price for the first month and to most people this represented a bait and switch ploy to gain new customers at inflated prices.

Some comparison sites that compare Tyler Texas electricity rates use customer confusion regarding price to trick people into a “too good to be true” offer. The customer signs up with the electricity company and pays a few cents more than they perceived the electricity rate to be in the advertising. Most customers let this type of thing slide and wait out their contract. A few electricity service customers complain and very few actually contact the PUCT and or the Attorney General of Texas. It is important if a Texas electricity customer has been tricked into an electric rate through false advertising to make a complaint with the PUCT. We recommend first trying to find out and resolve the issue with the electric company and if you still feel more should be done to file that complaint with the state of Texas.

You can file a complaint with the PUCT at : Complaint Form

Electricity Bid is a local Tyler Texas company that has been providing online comparison services for Texas electricity companies and rates for many years. Electricity Bid is a for profit company but maintains a clear apples to apples comparison of electric rates from several reputable electric companies. Many in Texas do not realize that they can switch from what used to be the monopoly electric company in Tyler, TXU Energy. By comparing electricity prices from several reputable stable electric providers in Tyler Texas you can observe just how much cheaper electric rates can be against a familiar brand like TXU Energy. Sometimes TXU may have cheaper electricity rates then the providers Electricity Bid displays on their website. It is important to compare what TXU is offering with the electricity rates on Electricity Bid to form an accurate apples to apples comparison and to calculate the savings by going with a less familiar brand but stable and reputable none the less.

TXU Energy is a very good company and has provided electricity service in the East Texas area for many years. Unfortunately TXU does not have very good prices (as of Sept 2009) in comparison to several competitive electricity providers who have entered the deregulated electricity market. Texas deregulated back in 2002 and from time to time TXU Energy has been the price leader and sometime in the future they may make it to that position again. Since their are cheaper electric companies in prices it serves everyone in East Texas and Tyler well to check out a local electricity comparison site like Electricity Bid and compare energy prices from multiple Texas electricity providers.

Electricity Bid can be found simply by using your favorite browser and typing www.electricitybid.com

A Google or Yahoo search for Texas Electricity Bid will also likely bring up their website. You can compare and sign up for Tyler Texas electricity service all online without ever even having to make a phone call. If you would like to talk with someone on the phone you may call 1-800-971-4020

You may read an article written by a local Mexican American and his personal experience with higher electricity bills in the winter months. He currently is with TXU Energy.

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