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Churchill Pest Management

551 Hideaway Lane East
Lindale Texas 75771
Phone: 903 882 1750

Are you scared of black widows, snakes and scorpions? Are flying squirrels living in your roof space, fire ants taking over your yard or wasps swarming too close to home?

Whatever your pest – George Churchill can take care of it and prevent it coming back!

As a newcomer to Texas I was amazed to learn about all the creepy crawlies that bite and the creatures that want to make their home too near to your own habitat for comfort. But at the same time, I was kind of fascinated by them and didn’t want lots of pesticides sprayed unnecessarily. Enter George.

George came into our home and spent a whole morning assessing it inside and out. There was nowhere that escaped his flashlight! He educated me about good and bad insects and explained all about the things that are dangerous and the things that are harmless. Then he sprayed inside and outside and rid our yard of fireants, fumigated a wasp nest in the wooden retaining wall and set bait in the loft. I also felt reassured that there wouldn’t be any brown recluse spiders in our closets.

He noted my concern about the environmental impact of the pesticides and assured me that the chemicals he was using were safe for our pets and children, even when still wet. (I do think he has some rather more toxic products up his sleeve if needed in extreme cases of pest control!) In the last 3 years, George has also given me advice on scorpion stings, keeping mosquitoes at bay and helped us prevent those funny little worms invade our house in spring.

George is not only helpful and professional but he is without a doubt, reliable and thorough. He will not use unnecessary treatments or overcharge you. On one occasion, after spraying, it rained extremely heavily. George called us and offered an external re-spray free of charge. He guarantees his work and will return if there are any stubborn problems.

We have George visit regularly in the spring and fall. This seems to be enough for our property which is only 3 years old. Some people require a visit from pest control 3 or 4 times a year and others still wait for a problem to emerge before calling him out. I have friends who invest in various chemicals and spray their own property at a lower rate but for peace of mind and safety, why not trust someone who really knows about pests and their safe management and have your house sprayed regularly?

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