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by admin on March 10, 2010

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If you really want a nice green and healthy looking yard without the cost and effort of laying sod then you should look into hydromulch.

Hydromulch is a mixture of wood fiber, water, fertilizer, tackifiers (glue) seed and enzyme activators. It is sprayed onto prepared soil and creates a kid of mat, which grows into a nice even bed of grass.

We called Glenn Young of A1 Grass to take a look at our back yard and give us some advice and a quote for his service. He told us exactly what to do to kill pre-exiting grasses and how to best prepare our rather unfertile soil for seeding.

Glenn knows ALL about grass. My husband tried to impress with his internet – gained knowledge but Glenn is so practical and so experienced in growing grass in this very area that in the end we abandoned our previous ideas and followed his advice.

Glenn (and his team) will plant Bermuda, Sultan, Princess and Centipede grass types plus rye and other mixes – depending on the location and soil type and shade/sun position of your yard. (St. Augustine only comes in sod). He boasts that the matured grass from hydromulching out performs sod over time as it is grown in your own dirt.

When Glenn and his assistant arrive it is quite entertaining to watch them at work. Using large hoses they spray on the hydromulch in an even sweeping motion. When they have finished the yard will look a strange luminous green color but this fades over the first few days and is then replaced by the usual grass color.

Once the hydromulch is in place you will need to water, water, water. Glenn will give you clear instructions as to how to mange your yard to promote germination and rapid growth and establishment of good grass.

The charges may seem quite high – until you compare it to laying sod. The minimal charge is for 3500 sqft and it gets better and better value the more you have done. One other thing to note is that the process comes with a 90 day warranty and you can call Glenn for advice at any time.

We had success with hydromulch and had a lovely green yard last year, until the winter weeds took over! We would definitely do it again if we needed to.

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