Giving Hope to East Texas

by admin on August 31, 2009

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There are a few organizations which have contributed to the culture of Tyler and East Texas for over a hundred years. One of the most trusted and beloved is the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army was founded as a missionary organization by William and Catherine Booth in 1878. The mission’s goal is to demonstrate the love of Christ to the needy and those without hope. The Army is so named because of the founder’s desire to combat poverty and injustice, as well as spread the gospel. Those ordained in ministry are called officers. The laity or common parishioners are called soldiers. Since its founding the ministry has grown into a world wide organization which operates in one hundred thirteen countries.

The Salvation Army deployed to Tyler Texas in 1897. The facility is named “the Center of Hope” and provides food, housing and job assistance to East Texans who find themselves out of work and or without a place to live. The local programs provide excellent guidelines and structure for those suffering from poverty and addiction and who are seeking to put their lives back in order. The mission provides a Christian based counseling service for those whose lives are in crisis.  The organization preaches adherence to what it calls the five core values, passion, compassion, bravery, uplifting (or being a source of hope), and trustworthiness (as pertains to financial responsibility). Local programs include: disaster relief, emergency services, sheltering, substance abuse counseling and much, much more.

The local Salvation Army sponsors a number of fund raisers every year in order to cover the cost of operation. Events include luncheons, plays, golf tournaments, even a local fashion show.  Nearly all the money raised goes directly to services for the needy. For more information on the Center of Hope and the Salvation Army go to their web site at or call 903-592-4361. They are located at 633 N Broadway Ave in Tyler.

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