Brookshire’s Pride

by admin on March 23, 2010

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The Brookshire’s grocery company has been named one of the top companies to work in the state of Texas. I totally agree with this award. Although I know that most people do not want to go to work in the morning, honestly, who does? Brookshire’s offers great benefits to their employees. But something that has always impressed me is that it is honestly a family-centered business. Every year they have events to honor their employees and their employee’s families.

Brookshire’s has a camp ground on Lake Palestine available for their employees and family. Every year they put on picnics to honor the workers for every part of Brookshires. Not only do they have great food but they also give away great prizes, including the flat screen television that is now hanging up in my bedroom. Brookshires has a small house available for employees and their families to stay at if they are in need, or if they have undergone some sort of disaster.

Brookshire’s has always been a family friendly company. In 1928 Wood T. Brookshire opened a small store downtown square in Tyler. Wood along with his brothers owned several different stores in East Texas. In 1939 the partnership dissolved. Brookshire was founded with the motto of “people first, profits will follow”. In 1953 Brookshire opened its first warehouse. Now Brookshires has more than 150 supermarkets throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Not only do they own the Brookshire Grocery Company, but also Super 1 Foods, and Ole Foods.

Tyler has the premiere Brookshire’s located on Rice Road. This store is the nicest store in Tyler. You are always treated with respect and the employees are always helpful. One thing that I love about the Brookshire’s Company is the fact that the employee carries out your groceries to your car for you. When you are trying to balance two children, and digging through your purse trying to find your keys, it is nice to have someone hired to put the groceries into your car.

Brookshire’s employees volunteer. The company looks at this as their way to give back to the community. All level jobs within the company find opportunities to give back, whether it is running for breast cancer or if it is cleaning the creek at Rose Rudman Park.

Brookshire Grocery Company is a great place to shop for you and your family. Their goal has been not only to make the store convenient to your needs but to also be a great experience for you and your family.

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