The Reappearing King

by admin on March 23, 2010

in Fast Food

There are not many things more annoying than turning on the television and seeing the obnoxious masked man with ghetto gold chains creepily looking into women’s bedroom windows, or lying in bed with another grown man. The “King” has completely turned me off towards the fast food chain restaurant. Even though the king has surpassed in successfully creeping out the country, they had to throw in the whopper man and his son Jr. (Jr. whopper), and the newest spokesman. The newest spokesman looks normal but he cant hold Burger King’s burger because his hands are too small. Just to let the fast food companies know, creepy is NOT funny.

Tyler’s Burger King population has been growing this past year. They built one off the loop near Vine. And a second one is being built in front of the popular Carmike movie theatre. I was sad to hear of the closing of Italian fast food restaurant, Fazoli’s; but I was even sadder that the building was a new home of Burger King. I guess I did not know that so many people liked Burger King.

I guess I should look pass the crown and try Burger King again but it might take a little while before the nightmares end.

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