Caffe Tazza in Tyler Texas

by admin on March 23, 2010

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Caffe Tazza Coffee Shop

Caffé Tazza

4815 Old Bullard Road
Tyler, TX 75703-1214
(903) 581-6601

Tyler’s small Italian style café, Caffe Tazza, has caught the eye of many artists and musicians. The small café is a great place to grab a decent priced coffee beverage or a great pastry, or even a light meal.

Besides having the usually light sandwiches and coffee house drinks, Caffe Tazza allows local musicians and artists to show off their talents. The café holds shows for all different artist, painters, and photographers and all types of artists. It is great for Tyler to have place that local artists can be noticed for their talents. These shows are held Thursday nights from 5pm until 9pm.

The small coffee shop is a nice quiet atmosphere and as you walk into the café you feel relaxed. It is a great place to do work or homework, because you can focus and concentrate on your work. It is nice to have a place like this available for anyone.

Really the off putting thing about the café is the fact that the sandwiches that are served to you just sit behind glass. I don’t know how long they have been sitting there, but it is unappetizing to see the tuna salad sandwich sitting there and the bread getting soggy from the juices of the meat. The whole idea makes me turned off to the food.

Caffe Tazza in Tyler may be a great place to hang out, drink a hot cup of coffee, and to get in touch with the local art community, but I would not go there expecting a great meal, just a great time.
Caffe Tazza
Caffe Tazza in Tyler TX

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