Currents in Tyler TX

by admin on March 25, 2010

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Currents is a small restaurant hidden away next to Tyler Junior College. I wanted to throw a small private party, but I wanted it to be elegant and something different. We called the restaurant for information of how they serve their guests and what they do for parties. I was extremely impressed with the options that the owner laid out for me. Although I could not afford some of the options that he gave me he was still extremely generous. He allowed me to meet with him about having a specialty menu that I got to pick out.

I went to the small Tyler restaurant and he showed me around. Up stairs the dinning rooms are very formal with a nice deck and out side seating. Down stairs is another dinning area, which is not as nice and had very dim lighting. I was kind of disappointed in the set up of the place, because it was not very welcoming. The down stairs dinning area was reserved for my party and fit about twenty people in it. The service was extremely personal and private. I ordered the veal to start which was perfectly tender and amazingly tasteful. Although I had to live through the gasps of my young cousins when they heard I was eating a “baby cow”, it was very good.

They were kind enough to serve three dishes that I had asked for as a special menu, and everyone seemed like they enjoyed the food. We were read the amazing different desserts that all sounded great and were dipped in chocolate and drizzled in raspberry sauce. I tried the chocolate moose cake with raspberry sauce. It was a revelation. The rich taste danced in every bite. I am usually not a big fan of dark chocolate but this creamy cake that melted in my mouth was amazing. Everything was perfect but the check was rather large. But that is coming from a person who’s view of eating out is Chili’s or Chick-fil-a. I had an amazing time and both the food and service were definitely excellent. I will keep going to Currents, but I will just have to wait for that pay check to come in.

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