Direct TV in Tyler TX

by admin on March 26, 2010

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Direct TV

Dish Tyler- Satellite TV
365 South Beckham Avenue, Tyler TX
Phone: (903) 705-0425

Advanced Satellite Television
Tyler TX
Phone: (903) 939-9980

Direct Dish Satellite TV
Tyler TX
Phone: (903) 597-9180

We just recently got Direct TV installed in my house. We were trying to get it installed before the supper bowl. Because we had a date that we needed it to be installed by, so we had called ahead. Everything seemed to go smoothly and we were told that they were going to install it that Friday. Friday came and we waited all day. After the eight hour period that they said they would be there we called the company. They told us one date but they had it in their system that they were going to install it the next month. We talked to one person after another. Someone would answer the phone and ask what they problem was, and then they would transfer us to another person, and then would have to explain the situation to another person. After talking to about nine different people, and about five hours on hold, they finally decided to redo my whole account.

We did not get it installed before the super bowl, which was really frustrating and pretty disappointing. They told us on the phone that they would give us a discount and that they would add things on the package that we bought. After the conversation they did not add anything nor did they take off any of the prices.

Direct TV in Tyler TX sent someone a week later. They did everything the way we wanted it done. Our order was a little complicated because we got it in three rooms and wanted three separate wires going through different windows, so that there are not so many different wires running through the house. Although the order or the way I wanted things done, was pretty complicated the man was extremely willing and he did everything that I asked for. He was extremely helpful on showing how everything should be set up and how to use and reprogram remotes and the DVR.

So even though I was extremely frustrated with the company I was happy with the installation. It was installed quickly and it was even installed in bad weather. I was happy with what I ended up getting but wished it did not take 6 hours on the phone, and I wish the delays were not a part of it.

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