Hastings Video Store in Tyler

by admin on March 26, 2010

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4015 S Broadway Ave
Tyler, TX 75701-8727
(903) 534-9278

Hastings parking lot maybe an awesome hang out for the East Texas teenagers, but I think that there are more people in the parking lot than in the store. The store does have a great variety of books, movies, music, and video games. This store is probably the dirtiest store in East Texas. I feel like I have to take a bath after renting a movie. The well known store may be struggling to stay in business.

As I try to find the door through the clouds of smoke from the teenagers hanging out side the door, I already know that I really want to get a movie and leave as fast as you can. You can dig through the towers in the aisle to find cheap movies to buy. “Buy two get the third for a penny.” They have great deals for movies on sale and as the world of electronics grows to the newest level; Hastings is starting to sale and rent movies on Blue Ray.

Hastings lack of convenience may be the thing that puts them out of business. Although you can shop online for movies and music and much more, you have to return to the store. The great thing about the competing rental companies, such as Red Box and Netflix, is that they are convenient to your every day life.

The odd and, many times, unhelpful people that work at Hastings add to the frustration of the shopping experience. The oddly disturbing action figures and adult board games makes me rush out the store with my hands over my eyes.

Although you can find most music, movies and books, I would look everywhere in Tyler before I endure the torture of shopping in Hastings. The good thing about the store is that they buy those old movies and CDs that have been sitting on your shelf just collecting dust and taking up space.

Hastings is my “last stop store”; if I can not find a movie I have been wanting to watch for months in Red Box, or the dollar rental machine at Brookshires, or if it is not at the other failing rental store, Blockbuster, I go to Hastings, then I go home and take a bath until I can not smell the stink of the store in my hair.

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