Icing by Claires

by admin on March 29, 2010

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Icing by Claire’s

4601 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX 75703-1323
(903) 509-0356

While walking through the Broadway Square Mall I have to stop in the small over crowded store. Through I want to scream trying to push my double stroller around the display towers. I battle through the store to get to the back hair products. I love the idea to use nature as beauty accessories. I love the selection of the 1940 style of hair products. Icing has a great selection of peacock feathers for your hair. I love the look of the colorful feathers.

Hair accessories are not the only thing sold at Icing. The jewelry is very in fashion sold at a great price. Many times I have gone there and found the most for my money. Icing has a ton of amazing sales. I love going into the store and seeing the white and red 50% off sale sign, or the “RED LINE” sale sign that indicates that about a fourth of the store is about half off or even more!

Some the best purses, bags and clutches are found at Icing. Find your style, with their great selection of leather, animal prints and bright colors. Bring out your personality through your style. Icing is up to date with the best and most recent fashion statements. And they even have to best sales on their brand name bags.

When I go into the store I can not help but dig through the fun selection of scarves. The long strands of colorful material can change the entire look to your style, and bring out the fun in your personality.

I love the makeup cases that you can buy at Icing. They have great selection of colors that you can use according to your mood. No matter the type of skin tone that you have or no matter the color of eye shadow that you prefer you can find it all at the Icings large selection.

It is really hard to avoid the accessory store. To at least battle through the store to just look around at what I really want but not really need. I love to see the most recent styles at Icing, for every season. The Icing’s website shows the newest selections and fashions that you can either order of line or that are available at the store.

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