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by admin on May 14, 2010

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I’ve never been the type of person to jump at the newest sales opportunity. It seems I’ve become rather comfortable in my role as a Dad, teacher and a part time copy writer and editor. So when I’m approached by friends offering me “great opportunities,” I tend to become a bit evasive and perhaps even a little sheepish. It’s not that I distrust the friends who desire to cut me in on their budding ventures. It’s more a matter of knowing my own limits. I’m just not a sales person. Well, recently some friends invited me to a meeting at their local Primerica office in Tyler Texas… Now before you get ahead of me I’m not about to violate the first tenant of my article and say that I went and now I’m getting rich working from home! In point of fact, I’ve never actually gone due mostly to my busy, crowded life.

Primerica Financial Services has as its goal to help average, middle class American families become debt free, save for the future, and insure nearly all areas of their lives. The business model is a bit pyramid-y, but the company seems to be an effective one since they’ve been in existence for over thirty years now. Primerica employs over one hundred thousand licensed reps in the United States and Canada, and has issued over four million life insurance policies. Other services Primerica offers include mortgages, debt consolidation loans, debt solutions, mutual fund investments auto and homeowner’s insurance, variable annuities, long term care insurance and pre-paid legal services. The national company seems like a good one, but the local Primerica office has some excellent agents of their own. Johnny Burchfield and Erin Baggs can help any new potential customers find the best rates with the best benefits tailor made to meet the needs of any family.

So while my personal lack of aptitude for sales precludes me from becoming a licensed representative of the company, I have benefited from their services. Only a few days earlier an agent successfully located an auto policy that saved me around one hundred fifty to two hundred dollars a year.  If you’re in the market for any kind of financial service, consider Primerica. The local office is listed as Primerica Financial Service and can be found at 3362 S Southwest Loop 323 in Tyler, or call (903)561-1196. Those interested can also visit Primerica’s website at www.primerica.com/public.

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