The Tyler Suddenlink Saga Ends

by admin on May 14, 2010

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For those readers who’ve been following my Tyler Texas Suddenlink saga I would like to offer this afterward. (Sorry Donny, I just want to be sure to offer our readers some proper closure). I eventually contacted the Suddenlink rep who offered to assist me in negotiating a better deal on my cable and internet service. After pulling teeth to get to talk with someone with decision making authority, I appreciated that a representative of the company was taking an interest in my case. Fortunately, most of the conversations took place via e-mail as well, so as not to take up any more of my time. The central problem I had was that each person I spoke to seemed to tell me something different. (I must have talked to five or six different people). This seems to be symptomatic of dealing with a large company like Suddenlink, with so many separate departments and entities, that they tend to function like separate businesses. The trick is to find someone who can cut through all little bureaucracies and make a definitive decision. Admittedly this is much easier said than done.

After a couple of emails I was told that a local supervisor would contact me to discuss my service. I spoke to the local super briefly over the phone and we came to an agreement. First off she compensated me for my time. Secondly, she offered to look at my account and see whether or not I could be given the advanced tier like I was originally offered by the disembodied voice I spoke of in my last article. As it turned out she was unable to offer that package at my current rate, but she did offer me thirty days free trial. I thanked her but declined. I’d rather not get used to having the additional channels and then have to either let them go or start paying eleven dollars a month more for them. With my tendency toward procrastination, I’d probably just end up keeping them. So in the end I didn’t get everything I wanted but at least I received satisfaction.

What does the future hold for Suddenlink and me? Long term it’s difficult to say. Having found some people there who are willing to assist me has made it easier to consider sticking it out and acquiring additional services over the long haul. If my service continues as it is now, I may be a Suddenlink customer for a while. To review my story, look for the following titles in this order, on this site: Direct TV or Suddenlink, Which One, Hard to Decide Hmmm? and Suddenlink Internet Service in Tyler Texas. Also, visit Suddenlink’s website at

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Chad May 14, 2010 at 7:44 am

How did she 'compensate you for your time'? Was it Money, a kind word, a gift card to 'bath and body works'?


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