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by admin on May 19, 2010

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The Tyler and East Texas area are often criticized for a perceived lack of culture or cultural events. This point of criticism is only partially true. With the city growing more and more all the time, new events and institutions geared to changing this perception are opening every day. For those interested in expanding our area’s horizons, here are a couple of opportunities to aid to our local cultural awareness.

The American Freedom Museum at the Brook Hill School

The Brook Hill School has been open for nearly fourteen years now. In that time the school has worked to build a reputation as a premier preparatory academy that not only offers its students an excellent education, but contributes to the betterment to the overall East Texas community. One such example is The American Freedom Museum, located on their campus in Bullard. The museum opened to the public earlier this month and is so much more than just an amateur collection of charts and artifacts! It is an actual historical museum with exhibits that would make any university proud. The Hall of Presidents, features documents signed by each of our nation’s Presidents. The Hall of Freedom contains historical artifacts from all of our nation’s wars and conflicts, including period uniforms, flags and weapons. There are even aircraft and other vehicles from both the Second World War and the Vietnam War, on display. The purpose of the institution is to inspire both students and the public at large, as well as to honor Americans veterans from all our wars. A visit here would provide a wonderful learning opportunity for East Texans this summer. For more information on either the school or the museum contact their office at (903)894-5000. Also look for the article entitled Classical Education and Christian Character located elsewhere on this site.

As a side note the school will be running its summer athletic camps from the end of June through July. The camps cover most area sports including Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Dance and Drill, general conditioning and a number of others. See their website for times and options.

The Historical Aviation Memorial Museum

Another opportunity for summer learning is the Historical Aviation Memorial Museum, located in the old Tyler Pounds Field Terminal in Tyler. The Aviation Museum is a great local institution that will fascinate kids and adults alike. It covers the history of aviation and even space travel, from all periods of history. In doors are models, maps and uniforms from air forces and air transportation the world over. Out doors are restored military aircraft from several historical periods. The museum also owns three additional airplanes which are currently not on general display and is in the process of restoring a couple others. The museum is scheduled to hold an Aviation Camp from June ninth through the twelfth, from ten am to three pm, and a static air show display on July third from ten am to five pm. For more information on the museum and other upcoming events visit their website at, or look for the article entitled World history is down the street, located elsewhere on this site.

The Tyler Oil Palace

While I admit the venue is not great, the Tyler Oil Palace has maintained an interesting slate of events lately. This summer the agenda continues to move forward with an appearance by legendary country western artist George Jones on June nineteenth, followed by political rock star Sara Palin on June twenty sixth, and a visit from the Shrine Circus on September fourth, fifth, and sixth. While I concede that not all of these necessarily constitute culturally enriching events, visits from national figures like Palin, (and Glen Beck who visited last month), definitely help to put our fair city on the map. For more info on the Oil Palace or on upcoming events go to the website at, or see my recent article entitled Glenn Beck comes to Tyler, also located on this site.

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