Adventures in Learning

by admin on May 20, 2010

in Education

As I am preparing to home school my children I have been in search of stores that provide the right tools for my children to get a proper education. Adventures in learning in Tyler Texas is not about getting text book and curriculum, this store has everything you need to make education fun.

I use to be a teacher at a pretty large daycare and I would always come to Adventures in learning to decorate my classroom. You can get great posters and educational wall decorations. It was always so fun to see the children’s faces when I would redecorate the classroom. I could find stuff for every lesson I would want to teach them. They have great stuff no matter what ages you teach.

After I had quit working at the daycare I started to have children. While my children are young I go there to get the most educational toys. They have fun going to the store with me to pick out a project to work on at home. The store has many different projects that you can take home and do with your children. You can build train tracks or doll houses.

My daughter’s favorite section of the store is the puppets. The store has all different puppets, large, small, animals, and people. Puppets are a fun why to tell your children stories and teach them lessons. My daughter loves to play with the puppets and make funny voices.

Adventures in Learning is a great place to start when you about to begin teaching. But it is also a great store to find toys, and projects for you and your family to enjoy together.

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