Double-Dave’s: Improving Tyler, 1 Pepperoni Roll at a Time

by admin on October 8, 2009

in American Food

East Texas often gets a bad rap for it’s light social scene. People say “there’s nothing to do in Tyler except go to restaurants and watch movies.” I used to complain in this way until I found a gem called “Double Dave’s Pizzaworks” in Times Square off South Broadway, a place where I could hang out day and night for months on end. Easily.

While I cannot speak for women, Double-Dave’s Pizzaworks certainly offers guys exactly what they want: Excellent pizza, cold beer, large TV’s and video games. Who could ask for more?

“But wait,” you might argue. “That’s not unique at all. One pizza joint can’t make Tyler cooler all by itself.” Technically, this is true. Even if I was to rave about Double-Dave’s outrageously good lunch pizza buffet, you might still object. But I would smile confidently. Because I know something you do not know: Pepperoni Rolls. Double-Dave’s secret weapons. Many places have great pizza. Only Double-Dave’s can offer spicy pepperonis blanketed with hot, smooth mozzarella cheese and wrapped in a piping hot roll. Okay, other places have them too. But not like this.

How good are they? Good enough to make Tyler a cooler, happier, and possibly more peaceful place to live.These babies will keep you up at night, not from heartburn but from heartache and regret. You could have eaten one more. You should have eaten one more. When can you go back? Is there a football game coming up which would give you an excuse to go back? No? A baseball game then? Soccer? A reality show? Perfect. Because even that kind of visual nonsense would be worth an order of Pepperoni Rolls.

If you can enjoy a football game at Double-Dave’s, you should plan on it. The big screens are more than sufficient, and the scoreboard makes the experience seem even more realistic somehow. Throw in a large Pepperoni-Sausage-and-Mushroom and a drink–they have a modest selection of Coke and Beer–and you’re set. If your kids get bored during the second half, slip them five bucks in quarters and they will disappear into the game room, leaving you alone with your buddies, the game, and your boy’s half-eaten pepperoni rolls all to yourself.

And after the game is over and you find yourself at home and half-hungry already, thank your lucky stars that Double-Dave’s will now deliver more of those perfect pepperoni rolls directly to your front door.

Isn’t Tyler awesome?

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