The Lego Movie

by admin on February 1, 2014

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Many of us played with Legos as kids and many of us have passed down that tradition to our kids. Many hours that we and/or our kids have spent playing with Legos, we have created different story lines in our heads that may or may not have been too different from the story that’s hitting the big screen.

Next week, Friday, Feb. 7 the Lego movie will be released into theaters nation wide and it has an all-star cast. Will Arnett plays the voice of Batman, Elizabeth Banks plays Wyldstyle, Craig Berry plays Blake, Alison Brie plays Unikitty. Anthony Daniels, the voice of C-3PO in Star Wars also does the famous gold droid’s voice in this movie.

Charlie Day does the voice of Han Solo, Will Forte does the voice of Abraham Lincoln. Dave Franco voices Wally. Will Ferrell does the voice of the Lord Business and others. Jonah Hill’s voice is the voice of the Green Lantern.

This list doesn’t stop there. Liam Neeson plays a cop. Shaquille O’Neal plays himself. Billy Dee Williams plays Lando and Melissa Sturm plays Gail / Ma Cop.

With all the big names and random characters, this movie is almost guaranteed to be entertaining for the whole family.

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