Great Cooking in East Texas

by admin on October 14, 2009

in Barbeque

As I get older, I find that I am becoming a traditionalist in nearly every way, and yes this also applies to food. I am a firm believer in patronizing local restaurants who cook foods native to this particular region. In Texas, one of our primary cultural foods is barbeque.

We have numerous barbeque restaurants in and around Tyler, some of which are quite good, but only two are locally owned, with local cooking methods and local pride. The Purple Pig is located on 155 between Tyler and Palestine. When you hear folks talk about out of the way establishments who serve out of this world food, they may well be discussing the Purple Pig. Here is the authentic Texas barbeque you’ve been hearing so much about. This local fav has become an East Texas tradition in and of itself. In fact it has expanded gradually over the last couple of years in order to accommodate more customers and a growing reputation. The atmosphere is rustic, but that is after all, what you want in a barbeque joint. The food takes priority over all other concerns. I have often taken out of town guests there in order to give them a genuine Tyler, Texas experience.

The Pig’s menu consists of all the barbeque favorites from ribs and brisket to sausage and pork wings, yes pork wings, and they cook them like no one else. All the meats they serve are smoky and tender, and (if applicable) fall off the bone. My personal favorite is the sliced brisket. They also serve the old standbys like baked beans and coleslaw.

The Pig also takes a monthly road trip to Canton Trade Days. Events like this no doubt help to spread the gospel of the Purple Pig! For more info on this particular gospel, see their website, located at Better yet, pay them a visit. They’re open seven day week. For more on great Tyler barbeque see the Tyler Blog section of this site, and look for the title “Texas cuisine at a Tyler landmark.”

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