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by admin on October 14, 2009

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The choice of what church to attend, and which is right for one’s family, is a very personal one. These days, folks in Tyler Texas who are unable to find a church with which they can agree on absolutely everything, often opt to start their own churches. They open in store fronts, movie theaters, and the homes of parishioners, in the temporary absence or a building or property. Generally I encourage this type of religious and community participation. But in a town of nearly a thousand places to worship, our city does not need additional “start up” churches. Everyone should be able to find an existing church in Tyler where they can practice their faith in a community of relatively likeminded people. This is why I’ve started to write about area Churches, in the hopes that perhaps someone who’s looking around will stumble onto this site and find some useful information.

Having already written on my own church, it is difficult to write on a church with which I have little connection. I can speak to churches attended by my friends and family however. One such church is the Vineyard Church of Tyler. While located in Times Square shopping center, the Vineyard is no start up church, having been around for nearly twenty years now. The Tyler Vineyard is a part of the Vineyard USA Community of Churches, in effect a denomination all its own. The church holds to the standard points of doctrine of the modern Evangelical Church, particularly when it comes to the supremacy of scripture.

The Vineyard places a heavy emphasis on the importance of worship in the liturgy. The music is contemporary and central to the Vineyard experience. The church strives to be both culturally relevant and approachable to the Tyler area young people. The atmosphere is casual and informal. Gourmet coffee is served in the foyer prior to the service and during the peace, (or the greeting). The pastor’s homilies are brief but applicable to the congregant’s experience (again we see the emphasis on cultural relevance). The VCT is also involved in numerous community outreaches and local charities.  They also support members of area missions organizations, who export the gospel around the world.

For those looking for a relaxed, low pressure, community involved, evangelical church The Vineyard Church of Tyler is a good option to consider. For more information see the churches website at, or call their office at (903) 534-8803.

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