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by admin on October 14, 2009

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If you are walking into an over crowded store with woman digging elbow deep into material and throwing clothes across the room and onto the floor, most likely you just walked into Tyler’s Ross store.

Row after row of over crowded racks of clothes. I do a lot of shopping at Ross. I love to find a cute outfit for a great price. It does get really frustrating stepping over half the clothes in the store and shirts getting stuck in the wheels of the shopping cart. They have cute clothes woman of all sizes, misses to juniors. Woman’s clothes over runs the store and pushes the men’s section into a small corner. You might have to dig for the perfect outfit that you are looking for, but the price will make it completely worth it. Find the cutest prom dress for $40 or a cute summer dress for $10. But make sure that there are no holes and stains, or a shoe print. Even find cute shoes but they are never on the right shelf (if on a shelf) or even with the matching shoe.

I can rarely find a cute outfit in the kids section that does not have a rip or stain. The toys’ boxes are always taped back together and the shoes are never in the right sizes. They have all different toys, blankets and all other baby necessities. If you find something that is cute in good shape you are going to find it with a great price.

The men’s selection is pushed into the small front corner of the store and most of the clothes are odd or odd sizes. It is really hard to find a nice outfit there for men. But every once in awhile you might find a decent shirt, or jeans, or even a pair of unmentionables.

Ross has all different things to clothe your house. Find a great gift for a friend. Find great dishes sets or fun picture frames. Also you can find fun candles and beautiful candle holders. Flavor up your living room by decorating your plain couch with fancy pillows and cushions. The pillow aisle is pretty much impossible to stroll the cart down because there are usually more pillows on the floor than there are pillows on the shelf. Find a cute blanket to bring your furniture and house together.

Finish off the perfect outfit with a fun scarf, or hand bag. Keep coming back to Ross to see what is new and on sale. If it is cold out find a cute hat and gloves, and if it’s a sunny summer day find a great pair of sunglasses. So find a great deal and have fun digging. Ross in Tyler Texas really is the best place to “dress for less”.

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