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Do you remember the NBC special of Noah’s Ark back in 1999? It starred Jon Voight as Noah. There were so many things wrong about it, I don’t know where to start. Lot was in the movie even though he didn’t come until what, 1,000 years later. That wasn’t even the worst part about it…There were pirates. Yes, pirates. You can still find it online. Just go to Youtube and search something like “Jon Voight Noah’s Ark.”

Anyway, when a relative asked me if I had seen the trailer to the new movie about Noah, I thought he was making reference to that and weeks later I found out that was not the case. Russell Crowe stars as Noah in “Noah”.

As far as I know, there are no pirates and I didn’t see Lot when I watched the trailer.

However, it did look like there were things added to the story, or at least things the Bible didn’t mention, like balls of fire falling from the sky. The story of Noah, although a great one, doesn’t need to be on the big screen in my opinion. If you feel the need to add details to make it interesting, just leave it alone. Also, there’s really no way to do it justice. By reading the scriptures account, we’re simply reading about what happened. A movie with Hollywood actors tries to recreate stuff that sincerely can’t be recreated.

I’ve haven’t decided whether or not I will see the movie for myself but overall, it has potential. I admire the works of Crowe and there aren’t too many movies he was in that completely flopped.

What’s your opinion of the idea of the film and do you plan to see it?

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