Bruno’s, the Best Pizza in Town

by admin on October 15, 2009

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Tyler Texas Pizza

Best Pizza in Tyler TX

Until recently if someone had asked me about a restaurant in Tyler called Bruno’s, I would have responded rather indifferently, “Yeah; that sounds familiar.” After trying their food recently however I’m now anything but indifferent. With as long as I’ve lived in Tyler Texas, I find that I’m sort of annoyed with myself for never having tried Bruno’s until now.

Even with all the other pizza places in Tyler, I can say with some confidence that Bruno’s is easily the best in town. While Double Dave’s makes a great pie, even they cannot measure up to Bruno’s work. And Cici’s, my least favorite pizza of all time, (this includes Totino’s by the way), hardly seems like the same food. But Bruno’s serves more than just great pizza. They have all sorts of Italian dishes, including salads and sandwiches. But their signature dish may well be their legendary lasagna.

If you go to Bruno’s however, don’t go for the atmosphere. It’s not the sort of place lovers go to meet in the middle of a spaghetti noodle. The space is limited, so a lot of customers opt for take out. Where the food is eaten matters little though; carry their food across state lines and it’s the best Italian in Arkansas. So for authentic Mediterranean cuisine try a visit to Bruno’s. Business hours are from 11:00am to 9:00pm weekdays and Saturdays, and the store is closed on Sudays. Located at 1400 South Vine in Tyler. For pick-up call (903) 595-1676‎.

For more information on Tyler area Italian food see the Tyler Blog section of this website and look for the titles “Local Italian relaxed atmosphere,” or “A pizza, a beer and a ball game.” Also, see “The best of the Buffets” under the Articles section.

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Frank February 26, 2012 at 1:35 am

One wonders how anyone can eat, let alone enjoy, the food at Bruno's. This sort of rave review is utterly mystifying.


tylerdirectory February 27, 2012 at 6:10 pm

Our writer Todd wrote this article but I have my opinion on Bruno's as well. The salads are very good, just the amount of cheese they put on it is amazing. Also the salad lettuce leaves are very clean, crunchy, and they have just the right amount of stuff like olives and tomatoes that go on it. After eating the salad the pizza is exceptionally good. The dough and crust is great and you get a good mixture of tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on the pie. Now with any restaurant you have to know what to order. I generally steer clear of anything else on the menu but what I have mentioned here. All of this being said I like Double Dave's way more than Bruno's.


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