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by admin on October 15, 2009

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Anyone who has ever owned a project house understands the importance of having a local hardware store with knowledgeable employees who can dispense helpful advice. In Tyler we have two main “do it yourself” stores for all your ‘round the house and garden projects. They are of course Lowes and the Home Depot. People often assume the two national stores are essentially the same, but this is really not correct. Both in terms of their product and their target customers, the stores actually have some real differences.

The Home Depot

On the surface it’s hard to imagine that this store could be without anything needed by the home repair expert. However, the store really caters to the wants and needs of its more design oriented customers. The store stocks larger items that tend to effect the look and feel of a house, but when it comes to smaller essential items that make the things work, that make bigger, prettier things work, you may find yourself looking elsewhere.

My main beef with THD is the lack of competent customer assistance. Once while shopping in the giant store, my brother and his wife approached an employee to ask for assistance. They were told that the employee wished he could help them, but didn’t know where to find the item they were looking for, and unfortunately he didn’t know how to use a computer, (I’m not making this up, I promise). They were then treated to a ten minute rant about how the gentleman had once owned a computer, but didn’t like or understand it, so he gave it away. I realize this is an unusual example and there are things about the store I actually like, the home and garden section for example. My two year old little boy enjoys looking at the many mowers on display, (for someone who obsessed with mowers this is Six Flags). When it comes to big ticket items THD has an excellent selection, but the serious contractor or even DYI person however will probably end up making another stop.


Lowes is Home Depot’s biggest competitor. It is large enough to carry many of the same high profile, attention grabbing products, but it also carries more of the smaller items with more specific uses. Lowes is less about marketing than its counterpart, and more about function. I do have one criticism of the Tyler Lowes, (at least the South Broadway location). The store often seems a little “Walmarty,” or at least “West Loop Walmarty.” For those who have yet to visit the West Loop Walmart, I’m referring to the store’s legendary reputation for sloppiness. I find that the South Broadway Lowes occasionally seems a bit disorderly as well. So if I had to choose between the two stores I would choose the latter in most cases. It seems to me to be a more practical store.


I also wanted to mention one of my favorite hardware stores. McCoy’s is sometimes a bit more expensive than its larger rivals; however they do a lot more with a smaller building, (don’t forget they also have a lumber yard). McCoy’s is a real hardware store. They don’t have an appliance department, but they do have all the little parts you need to fix or install an appliance. As someone who is at best a home repair novice, and mind you, this may not be fair to novices, I can appreciate their helpful knowledgeable staff.
All of these stores carry many of the same items. If you know what you’re looking for they tend to be pretty similar. If on the other hand you require assistance with your project consider a more specialized store. Ultimately a bit of self education will save you a lot of frustration no matter where you shop.

Ace Ritter

This is a hardware and Tyler Texas home remodeling store that is also a co-op. One of the best things I have found in there lately has been these barbecue smokers that use compact wood pellets to smoke your meat. You can cook meat in these things but it will take atleast 45 min to fully cook your meat. The positive thing to using one of these smokers is the fact that you can’t burn your meat and you are not eating constantly eating cancer causing carcinogens like you would when using a gas or charcoal grill. I am all for gas and charcoal powered barbecue grills but if you are having cook outs every week at your house sometimes it’s worth the investment in going a little healthier. Ace Ritter also has your typical hardware supplies that you would find at Lowes and Home Depot but they carry unique things like the smoker that you can’t find anywhere else. Ace Ritter is also known as Ritter at Home and has only been in Tyler for a few years. For a new and unique experience visiting a hardware store be sure to stop by Ace for a change.

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