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by admin on October 15, 2009

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Well, it seems as though I’ve started writing on a class of East Texas institutions I have been hesitant to start writing on. Of course I’m referring to churches, but after writing about my own church and those of my family members I find that, as Wellington said, I’m in for a penny, in for a pound. My purpose is to make Tylerites aware of the local church traditions they have to choose from.

While I’m not a member of the Baptist church, I can certainly respect the faith and sincerity of many of my family and friends who are. Trinity Baptist Church has been a part of the Tyler community for many years and is located at 604 West 4th in Tyler. Doctrinally the church follows the teaching of the Baptist denomination. The church is full of sincere Bible believers who are reaching out to the Tyler community, and the world beyond. Trinity Baptist is involved with numerous local charities and missions organizations so they offer a variety of opportunities for members to plug into. The church has contemporary worship and offers a variety of Christian education classes for congregants of all ages.

The church building itself is beautiful. It offers enough classroom space for any number of events and classes, offered both by the church and the school who now shares the facility during the week. The staff is accommodating and helpful and is concerned about the needs of the congregation.

This past summer Trinity Baptist invited King’s Academy Christian School to share its wonderful facility. The church has been a huge blessing to this new area ministry in a way that has allowed it operate comfortably, and even expand. For anyone looking for a new church home with a preference for the Baptist tradition, I strongly recommend looking at Trinity. Their website is currently under construction, but for more information I suggest contacting their office at (903)593-3143. For more information on King’s Academy, see the Tyler Blog section of this site, and look for the titles “Something Different in Education,” and “Something Different at King’s Academy.” Also see the articles section and look for the title “Six- Man Football Returns to Tyler.”

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