Wit’s End Ranch in Canton Texas

by admin on October 20, 2009

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Wit’s End Ranch offers a unique experience for getting out in the fall weather if you live in Tyler or the East Texas area. Wit’s end has several petable animals at their ranch from a breed of cats called “rag doll cats”, Cairn Terrier puppies, miniature horses, extra small pot bellied pigs, and English doll sheep. Tyler Texas Baby Doll Sheep
My favorite is the extra small pot bellied pigs and I would buy one if my wife would let me. For some reason she thinks they are dirty animals 🙂

At Wit’s End they have many facilities and activities like hay rides and interaction with their animals. Kids can pet and feed the animals and learn about farm life. My wife went with our child to Wit’s End on a MOPS event. Tyler Texas Miniature Horse This was an event where moms got to bring their preschool children with them to the farm to experience this unique farm life and the animals that live there. Most of these animals have no agricultural purpose other then for the enjoyment of children but the farm experience is still all there.

For those young girls who like pony’s or the My Little Pony cartoon series you will be happy to know that they have several different kinds of miniature horses. Wits End Ranch miniature horses vary in size from the child riding size down to their little stallion that looks like a big dog. Tyler Texas Miniature Pot Bellied Pigs They recently put a mini jenny in the pen with the stallion that looks like a big dog in hopes of making a miniature mule.

For a very fun and unique time we highly recommend taking a visit out to Wits End Ranch. For those who say there isn’t anything to do in Tyler Texas we need to remind you to come back and visit Tyler Texas Directory for constantly updated ideas like visiting Wits End. The picture to the right is one of my favorites. You have a pot bellied pig and a baby English doll sheep both reaching for the milk bottle. They probably grew up together like Milo and Otis and and play together. One of the funniest things to see is two completely different animals like a pig and a lamb running around wrestling with each other. I am not an animal fanatic to the point of enjoying indoor animals but at the same time I can’t resist seeing a dog and cat snuggle up to each other or in this case a pig and a lamb.

We haven’t actually heard of something as interesting as Wit’s End for awhile. I am used to the typical stuff everyone in Tyler is already familiar with like the Rose Garden, Rose Rudman Park, and Discovery Science Center. This farm adventure provides a little detour from the typical attractions you may already be familiar with in the Tyler area. If you are allergic to hay as I am be sure to bring some allergy medicine with you or better yet just take it before you go.

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