TJC Cleaning Up Campus

by admin on August 3, 2010

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For those who go to TJC like my wife you may have noticed over the last many years a lot of ghetto hollering player wannabe’s on campus harrasing women as they walk to their cars.

This will all change this Fall semester as all students and faculty must where ID tags on a necklace around their necks. I for one am very happy about this change. Anyone having been at TJC for the last few years is probably happy as well.

Let me tell you a little story about why we are so happy about this new development for those who don’t like ID necklaces.

I have seen it many times before but just wrote it off as young punk kids and went on to class. It wasn’t as bad when I went to school at TJC but in the last couple of years it was getting down right ridiculous.

I interviewed a couple different groups walking around on campus in the past and asked them “what’s up?” and so forth like I am another typical punk wondering around looking for some booty.

Both times they told me they didn’t go to school there but were just chillin’ and so forth trying to look fly and other nonsense. So I got the picture that TJC had become a better Wal-Mart type of hook up location where gangsters can meet slutty women they can take back to their crib and maybe get them hooked on some crack.

TJC had truly become an undesirable place for me the more obnoxious these player types began to be. It got really bad to the point that everytime I would walk to my car to go home after class I would see atleast two gangster looking dudes with some big fat gold chains and stuff asking for women’s numbers as they went to their cars.

My wife would get these guys doing the same stuff to her when she would leave for class at night.

She started interviewing teachers and students and many of them would tell her the same thing and that they felt unsafe leaving class to get into their vehicles at night.

TJC had become a hang out spot for drug dealers and player pimp types.

Thank goodness TJC has implemented a new policy that requires all students and faculty to wear a student ID necklace around their neck to indicate their status.

This ID requirement could not be more needed than it is now. TJC was becoming a criminal hang out for awhile there.

I personally know of a family member we are not real happy with who married one of these pimp player drug dealer people that were not students of TJC.

They met out at the parking lot probably as he was yelling, “Hey girl can I have yo number!” and she actually responded well to this?

They got married and now this guy is in jail for felony robbery and drug dealing.

TJC thank you for doing something truly beneficial after so many years of security guards only being good at issuing parking tickets.

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