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by admin on August 4, 2010

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Shopping for new bedroom furniture set is not the easiest or cheapest thing to shop for. As I shopped around one of the first places that I went to was Lacks Home Furnishings. Once I walked into the store I was bombarded by saleswomen, like a lioness after her prey. I may have taken three steps into the store until I noticed women half way running up to me. Once I told the sales woman that I was looking for a nice bedroom set I had explained to her that I like dark furniture and am partial towards the more modern look, she was able to right away show me the perfect set. Lacks really had a great selection of full bedroom sets that met the style that I was looking for, but that seemed to be the most popular style in the store.

Most furniture was pretty expensive, but all home furnishing is expensive pretty much any where that you go. It seems like I am always seeing commercials for sales going on at Lacks. They also have a no-interest for 18 months summer sale going on with a minimum of $1800.  Many times they have really good sales if you are buying whole room sales. I do not know why anyone would pay full prices for a furniture set at Lacks, if you wait a couple months than you probably could get what you want for a much lower price.

Lacks has some beautiful furniture for dinning room, living room, and bedroom. They also sell Whirlpool appliances for your kitchen, and Whirlpool, Amana, and Maytag washer and dryers. I do not really recommend buying electronics from Lacks. They have the LG brand televisions and sound systems. The salesmen seem like they know a lot about bedroom furniture, dinning room tables, and living room sets; but when it came to electronics they really did not know what the best choices were.

Most of the furnishings at Lacks are high quality and extremely well made. If you are looking at their lower priced items or their marked down items I recommend that you should double check drawers and cabinet doors to make sure that they work properly and will not fall off. The cheapest bedroom set that I looked at appeared nice but the dresser drawers would get stuck and easily fall out. I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the furniture and I felt like it was one of the sets that was way over priced.

No matter what room you are remodeling in your house you can find beautiful furniture that will mirror your taste and personality. They even have the southern style furniture with the over-done Texan Star carved in the foot board and dresser. You can also find the newest lines of mattresses that is best for your comfort. Salesmen and women are more than ready to help you re-furnish your house.

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