TK Gorman and St Gregory Catholic Schools in Tyler Texas

by admin on August 9, 2010

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                Late last night I was reviewing the webpage in order to get an idea of what other writers were focusing on. While perusing the site I realized that I may in fact owe a couple of area schools an apology for a sin of omission. In all the discussion of Tyler’s private schools I found myself marveling at how many there were and how long so many had been serving our community. As it turns out I left out the oldest private schools in our area! The institutions in question are really sort of the same school because they are both members of the Tyler Catholic School System. They are of Course St Gregory Catholic School and TK Gorman.

            St. Gregory Catholic Elementary School was founded in 1945, but it helped create a demand for a Jr. High and High school. So in 1958 Tyler Catholic High School officially opened. Twelve years later it was renamed to honor Bishop Thomas Keiley Gorman. In the early nineties the school’s enrollment dropped, and combined with an assortment other problems, it was nearly forced to close its doors! Presumably increased competition played a roll, as well. Since this tenuous period the school has not only stepped back from the brink but has experienced new growth, not only in its student body, but also in its campus and credentials. It is consistently named by a number of sources including the Catholic High School Honor Roll.  

            Gorman is a classical preparatory school that offers an excellent education. Former students attest to receiving a tremendous education there. It has a full slate of athletic opportunities including a full football team. Theologically both schools are obviously Catholic, and their values are consistent with those of generally conservative East Texas. In fact, as a side note, the school’s home page features a quote from Congressman Louie Gohmert, attesting to the high quality and beliefs of the school. To the best of my knowledge, it is not a requirement that prospective students are Catholic, but the school’s faith formation, chapel services and chaplains are going to be consistent with that denomination.

            For Tyler TX parents considering their family’s options for this fall, I suggest doing all diligence! Gorman and St Gregg are certainly worthy of consideration. Don’t do what I did and leave the oldest Tyler institutions off the list due to simple negligence. For more info on these schools visit their websites at and Also check out my most recent article entitled Private Schools in Tyler TX.

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