Swanns Furniture in Tyler Texas

by admin on August 10, 2010

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For over 100 years Swann’s furniture has been turning people’s houses into their dream home. Swann’s Furniture first opened in downtown Tyler and was family owned and run. At Swann’s it is very important for the customer to be matched with the perfect furniture and designs for their home. Saleswomen and men are all prepared to help you find what you are looking for.

While I was shopping at the store I really felt the pressure that the saleswomen were trying to meet their quota. I told the same lady about four times that I was fine and did not need any help but I almost felt like I was being stalked. I really just wanted to leave the store. That is not a great feeling when you just want to look at furniture for your house.

But besides the obnoxious sales team, I enjoyed my time at Swann’s Furniture. They really do have what you need to make you house beautiful. Something that stood out to me was that Swann’s not only had the large furniture items, such as beds, couches, and tables, but also had the small details that really make your house stand out such as their large selection of clocks and upholstery. It was quite humorous to hear the saleswoman talk about the upholstery and try to sell me the products by naming the brand names of the products. I had no idea who any of those people were, but they had such a big selection that you really can find the right colors to match your house.

My personal shopping experience may not of been the best, but it really is undeniable that Swann’s has some of the most beautiful furniture. Swann’s furniture has everything you need to transform your bedrooms, dining room, living rooms (including entertainment centers) and home offices.

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