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by admin on August 11, 2010

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Traditions in Tyler TX is not much more than a more expensive and better quality cafeteria lunch line. I will be the first to admit that Traditions has some of the best meats around, and the unique sides and vegetables keep me wanting to go back. As you walk into the restaurant you grab your light tan tray and push it down the rows of metal bars, and select your food.

One of the best meats that I have had was a cheese stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon and lies in a bed of gravy. I was shocked that the different rich flavors were so compatible. There is not anything fat free or low fat about the dish, but the tastes is worth running the extra few miles to burn off the calories. If you are looking for a delicious low fat meat, I recommend the trout. The flavors are amazing but instead of being rich and heavy, the fish tastes clean and light.

If you are trying to find a new place to have a private party, wedding rehearsal dinner or small reception, or if you are trying to find a conference room, Traditions has two great rooms. You can decide to rent out the Piano room or the private Banquet room. The Piano room holds groups up to ninety people; the banquet room can be reserved for groups of twenty five to forty five people. If you are doing a presentation for your coworkers you will not have to carry around a projector or projection screen. Traditions will lend you a projector and screen for a $25 fee.

Traditions cater to parties and events. If you are having a themed party, you can search the many different menus that will make your party amazing. They have twelve different menus that you choose from. You can have a great party with a chef that has his own carving station or quesadillas grilled on site. You can have a menu that consists will a chocolate fountain, and outside grill (or picnic), pasta, potatoes, real Texan BBQ, or a Hawaiian Luau menu. For the wedding reception Traditions has a “Sweet and Simple” menu.

Traditions is a family owned and operated restaurant. It has offered Tyler a fine dinning restaurant since the year 2000. Many of the fresh vegetables are bought from the local farmers and farmer markets. I think that it is great to see bigger local businesses support the farmers and smaller businesses.

At Traditions you can see what you order before you eat, instead of just reading the description off of a menu. Enjoy an amazing dessert after your meal. Although you order at a counter and pick out your food as it is placed on your tray. You will have great waiters and waitresses that are very quick to help you carry your food to your table and get you seated. They will make sure that your drink is always filled and they are willing to get you any food that you have forgotten. Traditions is a great restaurant with amazing food and great service.

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