Jack In The Box in Tyler TX

by admin on August 12, 2010

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Well I’m returning to school in little over a week, but I’ve already been preparing for it by doing work on campus the past few days. As school starts up again I’m finding the quality of food I’m consuming is already beginning to suffer. This past summer I’ve done a good job of eating a healthy diet. One of the bigger stumbling blocks in my road to better health is the presence of a Jack in the Box a mere quarter mile from my school. To barrow a line from Cosmo Kramer, “I’ve got a big problem Jerry!” Prior to my school moving to its current location, I was not an advocate for the fast food franchise. But since breaking the ice with my first visit little over a year ago, the chain has become one of my favorite establishments for “good food quickly,” second only to Whataburger at this point in my life!

Certainly I have other options, but as demands on my time are increasing exponentially, my desire to do any prep work on what I eat falls proportionately. So as I see it I have a couple of options. First I can give into my baser instincts and eat at Jack in the Box every other day or so, and in the process gain about fifty pounds. I can look around for healthier options but arrive late to my post lunch break class every day. Or I can fight my way through a crowd of students to get to the microwave, where after a not so short wait; I can prepare a daily feast of ramen noodles and popcorn the primary food source on which I subsist during the school year. Given these as my only options, I’ll probably take the third, but I do love Jack in the Box.

For more information on Jack in the Box or to find their Tyler TX locations go to their web page at http://www.jackinthebox.com/. To read about my original Jack in the box conversion look for the title Confession of a fast food hypocrite, located elsewhere on this site.

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