East Texas Gator and Wildlife Farm

by admin on August 22, 2010

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My family and I set out to do something fun this Saturday and so we settled on going to “Wit’s End Ranch” together. My wife and son had been before and loved it but I had never been. I called them up to see if they were open this Saturday but they now only do private parties.

The lady at Wit’s End Ranch was very nice and referred us to try East Texas Gator and Wildlife Farm. I had never heard of this place before. This sounded very exciting and something my 2 year old son would love so we did it.

We were nothing short of extremely impressed with this place! It has all the East Texas Charm you could expect. Besides watching an alligator wilderness guy feed live several hundred pound alligators you can also pet and see baby alligators and snakes, jump in the bouncy house, rock around in a beached boat, swing on a rope swing, and pet pot bellied pigs, goats, and chicks in the petting zoo.

They also have a restaurant that has a special offer to allow you free admission with the purchase of certain dinner menu meals. The East Texas Gator Farm is located in Grand Saline Texas and is very close to Canton Texas. We drove here from Tyler/Lindale area and found it to be a very nice scenic drive through Lindale and Van Texas.

You will see a sign next to the road to turn on to continue on to to East Texas Gator Farm. This is not a hard place to find and I now consider it one of the East Texas areas best attractions. Some of the adult alligators are over 700 lbs.

These gators are not necessarily tame friendly beasts as we saw evidence of missing fingers from one of the employees here. All the employees seem to truly love their jobs and the alligator tamer/feeder initiated allowing my son to pet some snakes and baby alligators.

This is one of those natural attractions in East Texas that is just real and beautiful and a place you rarely find among the many cookie cutter venues. Of course every attraction has it’s time and place even if it’s the typical amusement but this simply isn’t the norm and definitely worth bringing the whole fam.

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