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by admin on March 31, 2014

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You know the scene in Field of Dreams where they’re throwing the ball around and one guy asks, “Is this Heaven”?

Well, that’s kind of the effect baseball has on people, and now it’s officially underway.

It provides an atmosphere unlike any other. What’s not to like about the sound of the at hitting a ball traveling 90 miles per hour? And the smell of the freshly cut grass? Where else do you go where you high five and become great friends with complete strangers?
I’m not talking about the Texas Rangers specifically. I’m talking about the sport itself, America’s Pastime. Now that it’s officially here, American’s everywhere can enjoy.

This season, many Tylerites will hit up I-20 and head west to Arlington to watch the Rangers. Others may go to the ballpark to watch whoever the Rangers are going up against that particular day. Others may just watch on TV from the comfort of their own homes or restaurant.
There are many ways to keep up with your team throughout the year.

I like other Tylerites, will watch the MLB from the beginning and throughout the year and will attend several games, because, well, how can you not? I truly believe that those who aren’t sports fans just haven’t given sports a fair shot. Why not try this year? You just might catch yourself asking yourself and others if you’re in Heaven.

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