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On a Sunday afternoon the waiting room in the popular Cheddars restaurant begins to pour out on to the sidewalk. People crowd together for a good table. You would think that an extremely popular place would have me saying great praises about the well cooked food and the great service. Well, that was not my experience, and I have returned and again and again both the food and the services were below par.

As I walked into the over populated restaurant I stood shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers. Waiting for a table and, because of the hype, expecting the greatest food. They handed me a vibrating beeper with a red blinking light. As it begins to flash and vibrate I get excited as if I have won the lottery. As the hostess dressed in black lead me to my booth. I sat waiting as the young waiter approached dressed nicely with a blue collar shirt and black pants and a tie.

I flipped through the menu and everything sounded so good with great prices. For a second I started to understand all the people standing in the small crowed waiting area. I ordered my usual Dr. Pepper, what is the point of free refills when the waiter never comes to refill your drinks?

After hearing the amazing rumors, I order the spinach dip. I must admit, my taste buds sang as I dipped the thin chip into the layers of melted different cheese and green spinach topped with a spoon full of sour cream. I started to eat the warm outer sides of the dip but as I got into the center I took a large bite of halfway frozen spinach and cold cheese. I started to get frustrated that my drink still has not been filled, and annoyed that my food was not sitting in front of me after 30 minutes.

Finally my well-done steak and loaded bake potato sat in front of me. In my vocabulary “well-done” steak does not mean bloody and bright red. I was waiting for my food to grow legs moo at my and walk off. I ask the waiter to take it back and put it back on the grill. About twenty minutes of being sick of waiting, the waiter brings it back. As I cut into the slab of meat once again, I was so upset as again it was still really pink.

I was too annoyed and frustrated to ask a second time to re-cook my steak that I just asked for my ticket. I love when I ask for my ticket and the waiter has it in their little pouch on their belt and just hand it to you the second you ask for it. But that is just to easy to do for the waiters at Cheddars. I watch the waiter as he stands at the computer flirting with the cute hostess, with his phone in his hand hoping to win over her number, not even paying attention to what he is suppose to be doing.

Finally after waiting until he is finished his conversation, he brings me my ticket. I pay the amount for the food and leave. Well I was certainly disappointed walking through the crowded parking lot to my car. I don’t understand how they have so much business, I guess quantity is more important than quality. No, that still does not explain it.

I did return to Cheddars for my dear friend’s 21st birthday, but this time we sat at the bar. I was surprised at the amazing service and a great atmosphere, besides the strange girl hitting on my married sister, and a bar fly trying to ease-drop into our conversations. Was I really in the same restaurant? They had great drinks and really good prices. Even our food was cooked and everything came out really fast. Even our drinks were constantly refilled. I don’t really know how everything was so much better and different, but I really did enjoy my bar-experience and walked away with great stories and wonderful memories.

So I don’t know what to expect each time I eat there. I could have horrible service and uncooked meat or decent food and great service. But I still don’t see why it is one of the most popular restaurants in Tyler.

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