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by admin on October 27, 2009

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Dovetree Apartments in Tyler TX
There are many different apartment complexes in Tyler Texas, but I have had the most personal experience at the Dove Tree apartment complex. I was first attracted to the complex because of the location and price. One advice that I would give to anyone looking for an apartment is to get the complaints that were made to the police department.

As my new family and I looked for an apartment we wanted a safe place for a good price. I found Dove Tree apartment. It looked great and could give us the apartment that we wanted right away. It was right in the middle of town. The apartment was just a couple miles from the mall and grocery stores. As a bonus, the apartment had a pool and a great work out room. Our neighbors were, nice, yet interesting, to say the least. We did not have any problems with the people around and we lived a couple miles from my work. It seemed great.

After a couple months after living there the roof began to leak. We called maintenance. It took about two weeks of annoying dripping throughout the night and several frustrating phone calls for someone to come take a look at our bathroom ceiling. Finally a man came in the middle of the day and vacuumed out a metal crawl space from where water was dripping into the four buckets we had in the middle of our bathroom floor. That idea stopped the unbearable dripping for only a couple days. A few more weeks past and several more phone calls before they decided to come again. I would think that if one thing was not working that they would try to do something else. But again the maintenance vacuumed out the water and went onto the next thing. I was very frustrated after fighting with this for months, and the entire time we lived there it never was completely fix.

Apartments have so many hidden secrets. Even though we had a six month lease we had to tell the management that we were leaving about four months before we were going to move out or they would charge us an outrageous fee. This bothered me, because if you get a six month lease, obviously your intentions are to move out in six months. I met one young lady who did not realize this rule and went to tell them a couple weeks before she left, they told her that she had to pay for the next month and some ridiculous fee that did not completely make sense.

The apartment selection is huge in the Tyler area, do not sale yourself short. Make sure the maintenance is quick and do not forget to read the small print.

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