Daniel Boone finally comes to Texas

by admin on October 29, 2009

in American Food

Ok I realize it’s nerdy but one of my first thoughts upon hearing about Daniel Boone’s “Texas Tavern” was, why name a “Texas Tavern” after a man who never set foot in Texas. I can see how in many ways, the man embodies the values which appeal most to Texans, but why not call it “David Crockett’s Texas Tavern?” Well I’ve since discovered that Dan Boone is the owner and operator of the not- so- misnamed establishment.

I recently had a pleasant visit to D.B’s. The burger was good, the beans tasty, and plentiful, and the Blue Bell ice cream refreshing. They also have a pretty nice bar, although it’s a little cramped back there and the service was good, considering I was part of a huge crowd.

The funny thing about Boone’s is, first off there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground when it comes to people’s opinions. Some swear by it as the absolute best eatery in Tyler, a claim I find a bit unrealistic. Others say the food and service were terrible and vow never to eat there again. This is also an extreme reaction I think. Personally I find myself undecided about the restaurant. This is a rare occasion for me, but I simply can’t make up my mind. The rustic decor is similar to that of the Texas Road House, but it’s not really a steak house. It clearly bills itself as serving Texas style dishes, but they don’t serve barbeque. So what kind of restaurant is Daniel Boone’s?

In terms of the casual atmosphere I’d probably compare the place to Chilies or Applebee’s without the institutional trendiness. The menu is simpler, but the burgers and portions are similar. I can already hear the Boone’s apologists ramping up, so let me say the food is better in my opinion, but the prices are compatible. The thing I do really like about D.B’s. is the hometown, locally owned pride of the place. I typically do everything in my power to avoid the monster Tyler Texas restaurant chains. If I want microwavable food, I’ll go to Sam’s Club. But Boone’s is definitely not one of those. While I remain undecided on how to classify it, the Texas Tavern is definitely a better choice than another faceless franchise.

On a scale of one to five, I personally would give Daniel Boone’s a three and a half, out of five stars. Ultimately, since no seems to agree, the reader will have to pay a visit and decide for his or herself. Boone’s is located on the loop, next to Albertson’s and across from Hobby Lobby.

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