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by admin on August 24, 2010

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How you decorate your home will speak volumes to your guests about your personality.  Interior design starts with the walls of your Tyler, Texas home.  The finishing you apply to your walls will serve as the foundation of the entire room’s décor.  A high quality and professional job in this area will provide you with the perfect starting point for your decorative artistry.


Tyler Texas Painting Contractors


Walls can be finished in several ways either by wallpapering, texturing, paneling, wainscoting, or painting.  Sometimes a combination of two or more of these techniques can be used for a hightly customized look, however care must be taken not to use too many different techniques lest your custom becomes chaotic.  Your Tyler, Texas texture and painting contractor can review the options with you and help you decide on a look for your home.

Textured walls may be achieved by using a specially designed spray gun or by using different brushes or sponges by hand.  The manual method will take longer and may be a little more expensive but it will provide the greatest amount of flexibility concerning design.

Painting will provide even more options as virtually anything is possible.  Solid colors, stripes, or even stenciled patterns applied as borders are all possibilities when you choose to use paint.  You may call Javier at 903-248-7227 for a free quote over the phone. Javier is a professional home remodeling contractor who has worked on several Tyler, Texas home remodeling projects at very affordable prices.

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