Summer Movies Coming to Tyler in June

by admin on June 8, 2014

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edgeEvery summer the movie studios introduce a full slate of big budget films, most of which will gone on to disappoint their audiences. In the melee of would be blockbusters, a couple usually emerge that are either better than expected or that manage to come pretty close to meeting expectations. As I peruse the current and forthcoming listings this summer I’m just not seeing those usual bright spots. In fact I’m hard pressed to see a title that interests me. With that in mind here are a few mostly uninspiring titles:

The Edge of Tomorrow is Tom Cruise’s latest opportunity to spread his own theology and further explore the premise of someone else’s good movie. (ok, I’m kidding about the first part… kinda). When every review I read mentions a different and more beloved movie I can’t help but be suspicious. EGOT is basically a militarized version of Groundhog Day. Cruise’s character (who wears robotic exoskeleton armor), is living the same day over and over again until he gets it right and wins the battle. I frankly am surprised cameo appearances aren’t given to Bill Murray and Halo’s Master chief.

The Fault in Our Stars: more books for adolescent girls turned into movies. At least this one doesn’t involve a gladiatorial game show, or societal dysfunction. Of course if it did it might find an audience. Next!

Obvious Child: The depths of my disinterest are so strong I can’t even conjure the energy to comment so I’ll let the tag line speak for itself. “A twenty-something comedienne’s unplanned pregnancy forces her to confront the realities of independent womanhood for the first time.” See what I mean?

22 Jump Street is the next step numerically and sequentially, in the 21 Jump Street movie and television line. It’s more of the same as the characters graduate from undercover high school cops to undercover college cops. Riveting.

Think Like a Man Too: is essentially a sequel to every weekend in Vegas type movie ever made. But, I thought what happened in Vegas, was supposed to stay in Vegas?! Apparently, and unfortunately this was untrue. Moving right along.

Jersey Boys is the last film on my list. It’s the story of the formation of the music group the Four Seasons. The main thing this film has going for it is director Clint Eastwood. This is probably the least objectionable title in my list, and even that being said, I can’t see not being bored.

I realize readers could object that I’ve left a few films off my list of June movies, including another X-Men movie. I actually enjoyed the earlier installments of that series but the recent additions are starting to wear thin. Mostly, the selections I left out, were released a good bit prior to this article. One exception would be the June 27th release of the latest Michael Bay mayhem in the form of yet another Transformers movie. My reason for its exclusion is a.) see any of the other Transformer movies, and b.) If it really ends up warranting further comment I can do so at the time of its release. I don’t expect a full review to be forthcoming. So that’s about it for June. Sorry folks but there’s always July. This might be a great time to pick up that novel you’ve been eyeing.

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