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by admin on August 14, 2014

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Over the years that I’ve been writing for the Tyler Directory I’ve written about a lot of area schools and educational issues. In fact I think I’ve written about nearly every private school in our area. I want to reach a little beyond our immediate region however and talk about a school in Longview. If Christian Heritage School of Longview were located in Tyler a couple of things would be true. First off it would have a different name due to the fact that there is already a Christian Heritage (not affiliated) located in Tyler. But secondly, I think that given the larger market it would be one of the bigger private schools in Tyler. As it is, it may well be the largest in Longview.

Christian Heritage School of Longview is officially twenty years old this school year. It is a fully accredited classical school, whose grade levels run from 4K to 12th grade. Classical schools place the greatest emphasis on Greco- Roman logic, rhetoric and oratory. Classical culture is highlighted in literature, history, and language study. All this is not to say that math and the sciences take a back seat however. Class size averages about ten to twelve students per classroom, which allows for great individual attention, but also an active social component. The staff at CHS is composed of well educated, veteran teachers who are devoted to their faith and active in a variety of churches and parishes. And this point cannot be over emphasized. “CHS is committed to providing a Christ centered education,” without requiring membership in a particular church or denomination.

In addition to Physical Education, the athletic department currently offers Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Tennis and Archery. The School won the State Archery tournament in 2014 and the state soccer title in 2012. Christian Heritage is a really terrific school with a close- knit community of staff, parents and students. The atmosphere is very familial, but the institution is also highly academic. The student body numbers approximately 280- 300 enrolled and growing. Nearly any precollege student would find it a challenge.

For more information on Classical education, check out my previous article at: . For more information on Christian Heritage, visit the schools web page at: .

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