Wendy Davis Contracts Foot in Mouth Disease

by admin on October 13, 2014

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If having an opinion about anything political makes one a partisan, I guess I should go ahead and confess to the crime, but I cannot for the life of me conjure up a scenario by which I would ever cast a ballot for Wendy Davis. And the task of conjuring that scenario has gotten even more difficult over the last four days. The fact is I’m pretty hard pressed to come up something… anything, about the candidate that doesn’t bug the crap out of me. (Please excuse the vulgarity; I’ll try to do better). From her use of depends adult diapers during her infamous filibuster, to her referral to the campaign as “Team Wendy,” (can I get burger and fries with that Team Wendy?), she rubs we the wrong way in every possible way.

On one hand I can’t help but see her as an intellectual carpet bagger, a long shot shill for out of state radical pro-aborts and old school feminists whose time has come and gone. On the other hand she seems like a clumsy narcissist who is desperate to make use of fifteen minutes of fame by running for an office that is entirely too big for her. Ironically, while I disagreed with Dems like Anne Richards or Bob Bullock, I generally thought they believed in Texas. I feel like Wendy Davis believes in Wendy Davis… and maybe not much else.

And that aforementioned desperation was on full display this past week in a low rent ad attacking Gregg Abbot, using his disability to level charges of hypocrisy. The ad in question was released on Friday. Today in a move that would make the Vice-President blush, She STOOD against a backdrop of disabled supporters and attempted the explain herself while actually doubling down on her point.

The fact is Davis is a political novice, the activist du jour, popular in the moment but with no real appeal outside Texas liberal enclaves like Austin or Houston. Now her amateurish campaign has successfully killed any faint hopes it may have been holding onto, (not unlike a Democrat version of Clayton Williams by the way), by exercising perhaps the poorest political judgment possible. Oh well, look on the bright side Team Wendy, maybe you could join the Joe Biden ticket in 2016!

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