Republic Icehouse in Tyler

by admin on October 27, 2014

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It looks like Tyler has a new location to catch the game. Republic Icehouse on University Blvd, has a lot to offer. If you are looking to gather with some friends to watch the game and get a beer with, you may want to consider Icehouse.  If you’re looking for clean live entertaining and a cold one, Icehouse just might be for you.

Icehouse in Tyler has brought Nashville and Austin style music to the Rose Capital. There are several beers on tap and top of the line food you can’t get just anywhere else to go along with the great atmosphere.

Icehouse also provides the opportunity to rent a party room, whether you’re entertaining business clients from out of town, hosting a birthday party or wedding reception or any other occasion. Anyone looking for information on renting a party room can send an email to

This type of place is something that Tyler has lacked for a long time. The whole wet vs. dry debate probably had something to do with it but it’s nice to know there are options for places to go when you want to enjoy a bacon cheeseburger with a Shiner Bock while watching the Monday Night Football sounds pretty good to me. It’s hard not to like the Texas atmosphere. In fact, Icehouse’s slogan is, “The Best Little Icehouse in Texas.”

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