December in Dallas

by admin on December 1, 2014

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Historically, Tony Romo has not done so hot in December where he has a record of 11-15. This year, Cowboys fans are optimistic that this year will be different, at least some of them are. In order for good tidings to come to Big D in December though, the Cowboys will have to rebound for an ugly Thanksgiving loss at home to their divisional rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles.

If there’s one thing Romo has shown this year is the importance of a solid offensive line. Up until the Thanksgiving game, he had just that, as the line, at times gave him up to six or seven seconds in the pocket. Unfortunately for Romo and the Cowboys, the veteran quarterback has had scary moments where and his bad back has forced him to miss some time.

Romo’s offensive line isn’t just the key to his success. It’s no doubt the key to the success of Demarco Murray who has broken NFL records and became the first running back to rush for 100 yards in eight straight games. He could also potentially break Eric Dickerson’s record for most rushing yards in a single season.

Roma and Murray aren’t the only ones relying on production from the offensive line either. As strange as it may sound, the defense is also relying on the O-line. The defense was one of the worst in league history the worst in franchise history in 2013. They lost big names like Demarcus Ware and Sean Lee and yet managed to surprise people early and shut down offenses like the Seattle Seahawks. However, when all said and done, that production all starts on the offensive line.

When the offensive line produces, Romo has time in the pocket and Murray racks up yards on the ground. When that happens, the Cowboys are able to eat up the clock and control the pace of the game and thus keeping the Dallas defense off the field longer to where they’re not so winded and are able to perform.

However, it looks as if teams might have figured out the weak spots for the Dallas defense and if it doesn’t step up, teams will rack up yards all over the place, forcing Romo to do more than he would like. Hopefully he and his O-line are prepared for that because if not, it’s going to be another long December.

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