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by admin on December 13, 2014

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Many years ago now, when I was younger I taught at a startup school in St. Paul Minnesota. As a teacher working at a new private school I found my bank account was often depressingly low. Student’s families often helped take up the slack by having my brother (who was also a teacher), and me over for meals. One of those families was a blended family of American and East Indian origins. And thus my love of Indian cuisine began. A few years ago I wrote an article for this directory that was comprised of businesses I would like to see come to Tyler. One of the perspective businesses I most wanted was a good authentic Indian food restaurant. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts I think we finally have a keeper.

Tyler’s new Indian restaurant is a family owned establishment called Taj Mahal. Admittedly I’ve only visited once but I can promise it won’t be my only visit. The food was hot, delicious and authentic. The menu has good variety, but it’s not an overwhelming list of unknown items. The adventurous eater, unfamiliar with East Indian cuisine, will be intrigued but the timid won’t be scared off. And thankfully the place was busy, not uncomfortably so, but enough to suggest that the city will embrace it, which is my biggest concern. In a city where “Traditions” is held in high esteem, will those who opt for the familiar take a chance on a very different style of eatery?

I had a friend recently confess his interest in Taj Mahal but was concerned by his wife’s preference for more traditional fare. My response to him was this: take a chance! And then if you enjoy it, tell your friends. But our city will miss out on a new and great dining experience if everyone plays it safe.

For those who do intend to try it out, here are my recommendations: start out with the samosa aloo. If you like spicy food try the beef nihari, want something not quite so warm? Try the butter chicken. And when you’re asked if you want rice or naan, be sure and tell your server both. Taj Mahal Restaurant is located at 5221 South Broadway, just behind Times Square shopping center.

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